Ring with orange sapphire in yellow gold

Ring with orange sapphire

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Orange is associated with the warmth and the energy of summer. Its intensity is reminiscent of the glare of the sun on golden beaches, the juicy fruits of the summer season, and the breathtaking sunsets that are characteristic of August days.

Orange sapphires are exotic gems that are hard to find in nature. They are native to Australia and Madagascar; some have also been found in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. The colour of most sapphires having this hue range is mostly a secondary shade of yellow. Intense orange sapphires are expensive and difficult to find in larger carat sizes.

The infrequent occurrence of orange sapphire and its association with an adventurous summer inspired the creation of a unique ring. The stone, measuring 1ct and originating from Sri Lanka, was set almost invisibly over a mirror, intensifying the gem's brilliance. The modern form, where the setting flows seamlessly into the ring, displays minimalist rhythms and proportions. The entire piece has been crafted in sunny yellow gold.

Engagement ring with an orange stone