Fantasy sword bracelet

Fantasy sword bracelet

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Men rarely care for jewellery. They tend to think a watch or cufflinks for a special occasion are enough. However, jewellery doesn’t have to be just a woman's domain.

Lately, it's been heard that streaming services are slowing down the internet around the world. This is because everyone is watching something.

Well-dressed and distinguished men appear in well-known film productions. From ancient Vikings to modern lawyers, both outfits and accessories stimulate the imagination of many viewers.

I am very happy that I can have at least a small part in reviving men's jewellery. Recently, I designed a series of men's signet rings. It's time to reach for something more. I designed a bracelet in the shape of a medieval sword for Mr. Michael.

Bespoke design of a sword bracelet.

The blade and the handle are curved and adjusted to the shape of the wrist. The bracelet has no moving parts, which makes the sword look very authentic. For ease of taking on and off (with a relatively small diameter) the blade and the handle have not been fixed permanently. At the same time, this is also enables the bracelet to stay securely on the hand.

Finished fantasy sword bracelet.