Floral wedding rings with colored gemstones

Floral wedding rings with colored gemstones

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Wedding rings are not only a symbol of a relationship. They can describe feelings, be associated with the solemn moment of a wedding or bring out special moments from a life together. For this to be the case, wedding rings must be carefully designed and made based on an interview with the client.

Individual design means that the wedding rings have to be carefully designed and manufactured based on a thorough interview with the client.

The set below is an example of such cooperation. The wedding rings contain the motif of developing plant buds, which is a symbol of building a relationship. To emphasize the masculine attribute, the larger ring is wider and the pattern is closed by two golden rings. Additionally, three emeralds are set in it. The women's one, on the other hand, has an open edge and a rainbow topaz framed around the perimeter. The set was made of yellow 585 gold.

Wedding ring in its natural habitat.

Finished set of wedding rings.