Ring with green tourmaline

Ring with Green Tourmaline

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Each style in art or design has its own unique technique. Maybe that's why I like the designs that combine the features of several styles the most.

Sometimes there are transitional stages - one direction evolves into another. But sometimes it is a symbiotic fusion of several artistic styles, put together by the artist in such a way that it is as if they could not exist without each other.

Art deco bespoke ring design.

This inspired me to think in a similar way during the creative process. Mr. Ryszard asked me to make a ring for him that would combine elements of both art deco and Tolkien fantasy. The first step in the project was finding a suitable stone. During the design phase, I saw that the ring had elvish look about it, so I immediately thought about using a green stone. After a few offers, the decision was made to make it a 5-carat chrome tourmaline with a modified, oval diamond cut.

Second concept sketch of a tourmaline setting.

Then I prepared a drawing of a ring which combined art deco and the world of fantasy. The ring grows upwards into a butterfly, which holds the stone with its wings. Its shape, however, was deliberately designed to be subtle. On the one hand, it can be treated as a meandering abstract art deco form, and on the other hand, you can see other associations with the world of fauna and flora. The ring is made of green 14k gold.

Art Deco ring with a green, custom cut, 5 ct tourmaline.