Luxurious custom earrings with gold pearls

Earrings with gold pearls

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

In the world of oceanic gems, none are more desirable than golden pearls. They come from Pinctada maxima, a variety of pearl oysters with a 'golden lip' found in the South Sea. These bivalves are the largest pearl oysters in the world.
People love the gems derived from them for their near-perfect shape, large size, satin sheen, and rich golden hue. Although their colour is stunning, as if made of spun gold, it is completely natural. This makes jewellery with gold pearls highly desirable and rare. 

Gold earrings with pearl, made to order

I found the following set of perfect gold pearls from a supplier in Shanghai. Their size, colour, and brilliance immediately caught my attention. I designed earrings to go with them, with a double halo, set with equally exquisite stones. The English clasp, adorned with stones, connects to the halo with subtle links that make the pearls shimmer in brilliant lustre with every head movement. The whole piece was made in 14k white gold.

Exclusive handmade pearl earrings