Earrings with blue and yellow sapphires

Earrings with Gentianella ciliata flowers

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

It is extremely delicate, yet beautiful. Despite its small size, it chooses habitats with high competition: forest edges, meadows, slopes, or dry grasslands. Its strength and longevity are due to its excellent adaptation to the Polish climate and conditions. The species is one of the late bloomers and can often still be found in November. 

Gentianella ciliata is found in the Sudetes and Carpathians. It is also relatively sensitive to changing weather conditions and closes its flowers for the night, during unfavourable weather such as rain or fog, and when temperatures are too low. It has large, four-petalled flowers in blue, with a bell-shaped calyx with frayed edges.

The plant is a strictly protected species. The main threats to gentian are habitat destruction through afforestation, plowing of wasteland and meadows, and intensive grassland management. In addition, tourists often pluck the flowers, or whole specimens are dug up by collectors for gardens.

Flower earrings with sapphires in yellow gold

The gentian flower's strength, beauty, and resilience inspired the creation of a unique set of earrings. The four petals of the flower are symbolised by sapphires of a deep blue colour. They are contrasted by stamens in the form of yellow sapphires. The large clasp ensures the earrings do not tilt and rest securely on the earlobe. The whole set was made in yellow gold.

Plug earrings with sapphire flowers