Rings with ivy and colored stones

Rings with ivy motif

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Quoting a study by a demographic institute called the Population Council, The New York Times newspaper reports: "In both rich and poor countries, fundamental changes are taking place in the structure of family life. Revolutions, nationalism, a new view of life, and the relationship between the sexes - all of these have shaken the institution of marriage.

Wedding rings with personalized design with ivy motif

However, the principles remain constant and protect the relationship from threats. When the principles are applied, it helps both women and men to support each other. It is a union based on love and trust, bringing happiness to both. When a husband loves and tenderly cares for his wife, and she responds with deep respect, a family can be strong and enduring. The Bible portrays marriage as one of the “good gifts” from God (Genesis 2:18, James 1:17). 

How do you transfer the profound symbolism of a healthy relationship into the jewellery world? I designed a set of wedding rings alluding to the permanence of a relationship. In the centre of each ring, a motif of ivy leaves called hedera helix has been engraved. This ivy vine is characterised by its exquisite, glossy leaves. They do not fall or change colour in winter. It symbolises a relationship that can endure even during crises. This ivy even grows without supporting parts, which alludes to building a family, even in difficult times. The negative space is made in repoussage technique to increase the contrast of the engraving. Margins on the edges of the ring also protect it. The entire piece was made in solid 14k gold. 

Vegetable rings with ivy motif in white gold