Engagement ring with Australian opal

Ring with a painting by Monet

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

His paintings have been counted among the masterpieces of contemporary art. They were characterised by a unique style focusing on capturing the momentary effects of light and atmosphere. Claude Monet used fluid, blurred brushstrokes to create the impression of shimmering colours and dynamic landscape scenes. His works contributed to a revolution in art and influenced the development of modern painting.

Custom ring with black opal

Monet's famous 'Nenufars' displayed in the Orangerie in Paris has deeply impressed me. The huge several-meter-long canvases looked like abstract art up close. Only when you walk away will you see the genius of the composition, the subtle, perfectly chosen colours, and the astute observation of nature combined with the capture of the moment. 

Monet's painting became the inspiration for the realisation of a unique ring. After many months of searching and trying to source, I found a stone that perfectly reflects the painting of the impressionist artist. The subtle, pastel colours of the Australian opal on each side create a different landscape and a symphony of contrasts. The floral composition on the ring, set with small diamonds, emphasises the delight of nature. Inside, I designed a mechanism to make the ring easier to wear. Thanks to it, it does not rotate on the finger and allows the owner to correct the size by bending the butterflies inside the ring. The whole piece was made in yellow gold.

Luxury engagement ring with opal and diamonds