Necklace with tanzanite and diamond inlaid leaves.

Necklace with tanzanite

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Tanzanite is a purple-blue variety of the mineral called zoisite. It is mined in only one place in the world, in Merelani Hills, Tanzania. This is where its name comes from. The appearance of tanzanite is greatly influenced by pleochroism - a phenomenon that causes a colour change depending on the angle the crystal is view from.

Top-class tanzanite should be purple blue, just like top-class sapphire. Sometimes, under the influence of the cut, the stone becomes even more purple in colour. Each high-class tanzanite will be changed by the play of these colours.

To emphasize this astonishing effect, the tanzanite has been completely exposed at the bottom of the necklace, allowing more light to enter. The upper part of the binding splits into two ribbons which resemble leaves in their organic form. Each leaf contains a central nerve studded with sapphires of various shapes and sizes. However, I did not include the side veins of the leaves in the design, which meant it appears a more modern and slightly abstract. When combined with the original colours, it gives the balance between a rich, yet economical design. The white surface of the leaves and will be set with randomly framed diamonds that will shine beautifully. The necklace will be made entirely of 18k white gold.

Bespoke design of the tanzanite necklace with diamonds in white gold.