Reconstruction of an antique pearl ring

Reconstruction of an antique pearl ring

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Jewellery reconstruction is a unique field. You can learn from the work and artistic sense of goldsmiths from previous centuries.  Furthermore you can improve the piece by using better tools  and working on it under a microscope. This allows one to emphasize the idea of the former designer, without technical compromises.

The ring below is a reconstruction of an antique from the beginning of the century. The worn pearl was replaced with a natural pink pearl from the South China Sea. Two small frames, one of which broke off, were replaced with the more solid frames. The new ring is wider to emphasize the floral motif. The old rosette diamonds have been replaced with new ones that have a modern brilliant cut. The whole ring is made of white 585 gold.

Original ring before reconstruction.

Reconstructed pink pearl with diamonds.