Ring with opal and diamonds

Ring with opal and diamonds

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Because it sparkles with the colours of all jewels, the Romans considered it the most precious gemstone. Writers compared it to galaxies, fireworks, and volcanoes. To this day, it is still strongly associated with hope, flawlessness, and truth.

The name 'opal' is most likely derived from the Sanskrit word ‘upala’ meaning precious stone.

Despite its extraordinary properties, precious opal was discovered relatively late. The first mention of it appeared at the end of the existence of ancient Greece.

The most beautiful opals come from Australia. That was where I began my search for a stone for a unique project. Only after several weeks was I able to contact a broker who owns the most beautiful gems. After negotiations, I acquired a beautiful natural opal sparkling with a galaxy of colours.

The next stage was pure pleasure. The opal was set in a ring, decorated with an engraved floral motif and edged with additional diamonds. The whole piece was made in honey-coloured 585 gold.

Engagement ring with opal and diamonds