Bespoke ring with ruby

Crimson with ruby

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Red is the colour of intense emotions: love, anger, passion, and fury. It is associated with objects of power and desire in the same way as fast cars or roses. Ancient cultures valued ruby for its shade, similar to the colour of blood flowing through the veins. On this basis, people believed that the gem had the power of life within it.

The ruby grew in popularity with the birth of the Western world and became one of the most desired stones of the European aristocracy. Many medieval, wealthy Europeans wore rubies as a guarantee of health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. Not surprisingly, the ruby, a symbol of passion, is today the ideal romantic gift.

The stone for this design comes from Mozambique. Its deep colour is lit by a fire brought out by the exquisite proportions of the cut. The composition is completed with a decorative butterfly-shaped ring. The feelers form the base of the core setting. They are protected by the outline of the edge of the wings, which is also the edge of the ring. The whole piece was made in 14k yellow gold.

Ring with ruby made to order