Men's signet ring with black opal

The alchemist's ring

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

People have long been dreaming of being able to turn one thing into another. For centuries, alchemists tried, for example, to transform lead into gold. They believed that such a process could bring them wealth and power. The alchemists also believed there was a secret method of transmutation that would allow them to change the chemical properties of lead, transforming it into a precious ore. The alchemy was based on ancient experiments with various chemicals and procedures, although in reality, no method could convert lead into gold.

Signet with customized design

The dream of the transmutation of metals led to the development of chemistry and eventually contributed to the discovery of chemical processes. Gold and lead are close in the periodic table of elements. Lead atom has three more protons in the nucleus. Modern physicists are even now able to convert a sample of lead into gold, but due to the amount of energy required, the process is not profitable.

I designed the alchemist's ring by combining ancient experiments and goldsmithing techniques. A stunning 12-carat black opal is set in the centre. A halo of black diamonds surrounds it.  The sides of the signet ring are decorated with flaming wings with oval tanzanites. The ring was forged from solid transmuted gold.

Ring with opal and diamonds

Ring with opal and diamonds in white gold