Men's ring with phoenix made to order

Ring with phoenix

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

The Phoenix is a mythical bird, usually associated with rebirth and immortality. According to legends, the phoenix can burn, and a new bird rises from the ashes, symbolising constant rebirth and continuity of life. It is often depicted with flaming wings with a dynamic silhouette lifting the phoenix into flight.

Jewelry with a phoenix motif

This mythical bird with fiery feathers inspired the design of a unique men's signet ring. An 8-carat exotic umbalite with a modified cushion cut is set in the centre. Its perfect proportions bring out the fire of the gem's blood-red colour. The setting of the stone is decorated with a noble image of a lily. The sides of the ring are a deeply engraved image of a phoenix, which supports the stone with its wings. The composition is completed by the yellow gold colour sparkling on the wings and contrasting with the smooth plane of the ring.


Jewelry with phoenix